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Engineering Apprenticeships

Learn and achieve a recognised qualification at Hystat while being paid at the same time.

Hystat Apprenticeships

With a Hystat apprenticeship you’ll earn while you learn and receive job-specific training, experience and recognised qualifications.

An apprenticeship in Engineering is a hands-on, work-based route into your chosen career. You will gain the qualifications and skills necessary while earning a salary and not paying tuition fees.

You will learn from our innovative and technical engineers who have vast experience in precision engineering and the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders, accumulators and rotary actuators.

You will also attend Kirklees College once a week for further training at their Engineering Centre.

Upon completing the four years of your advanced apprenticeship you will have gained recognised further education qualifications.

You will be a full-time employee from the start of your apprenticeship, and you will be eligible to join our sports and social and pension schemes.

You will be a full-time employee from the start of your apprenticeship and you will be eligible to join our sports and social and pension schemes that Hystat have in place.

Hystat Apprentice Group

Who are we looking for?

If you have a genuine interest in engineering and a desire to learn more, we are looking for individuals who are motivated, honest and reliable with great problem-solving and communication skills.

You’ll also need a positive approach to training, as well as being determined to work hard to develop your skills throughout your four-year apprenticeship.

You should have, or expect to gain, at least five GCSEs including Maths, English and Science.

Candidates should also be computer literate and comfortable with the Microsoft Office Suite (e.g. Word, PowerPoint and Excel).

Manufacturing Engineers

“I’m a great problem solver, have a real eye for detail and work well in a team.”

If this is you, then manufacturing is the route you should take as manufacturing engineers are born problem-solvers.

Typically, apprentices will specialise in a particular aspect of manufacturing or assembly (e.g. turning, milling, inspection, welding, fitting) but we also have opportunities for sales and procurement apprentices.

Manufacturing Engineers

Design Engineers

“I’m really good at maths and science but I also have a creative way of thinking.”

Then you are suited to being a design engineer. Designers use their maths and science skills and apply it to the world of engineering.

Individuals who are interested in this option would develop their mechanical engineering knowledge through hands-on training before eventually working within our design department, developing innovative solutions to our customers’ problems.

Design Engineers
Hystat Apprentice Jamal 01

Through the eyes of a Hystat Apprentice

As a young lad I would often help my Dad with making and fixing things around the house and garden as I was handy and was really interested in problem solving.

Over the years leading up to my apprenticeship, I became familiar with engineering and how vast engineering opportunities are, I was intrigued to say the least.

When I left high school I wasn’t sure what path way to take as most of my friends went on to study A-Levels at college and further education, but I always wanted to pursue engineering.

I later applied to Kirklees Engineering Centre for apprenticeships and found Hystat.

Starting at Hystat Systems I was the youngest employee being 16 and had no previous encounters with the workshop environment, but with the helping hands of my co-workers I grew in confidence, and over the first couple of months became familiar with dynamics of the machine shop floor.

During my studies and training I excelled, completing my Mechanical Engineering theory Level 2 & 3, NVQ Level 3 and later on my HNC.

I am now proud to say that with over 7 years of training I have great engineering knowledge and a full understanding of machining processes (Manual/CNC milling & Turning).

I also understand that health and safety in the work place is paramount to a safe environment to work in. I adhere to the continuous improvement culture and use it to improve processes and efficiencies in my area.

I would highly recommend Hystat systems and their apprenticeship scheme as it has enabled me to learn and grow as a young engineer and for that I am very grateful as the life skills it has taught me will ensure a great future in engineering.

Quality Assurance at Hystat