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Case Studies

In depth reports and analysis of some of the exciting projects Hystat is working on around the UK.

ABP Ferry Cylinders

River Terminal 1 at the Port of Hull provides an essential service to thousands of private and commercial freight vehicles and welcomes over a million North Sea passengers every year. With a quay length of 215m and alongside draft of 6.5m, it can accommodate vessels of approximately 12,000 DWT.

As the only passenger and freight terminal on the Humber Estuary, it is the gateway to Holland, Germany and beyond.

The OEM cylinders had been maintained over a productive 30-year service life but were aging and failing. With the Linkspan constantly dropping overnight due to cylinder internal leakage and seal wear, Hystat were approached to supply brand new Ro-Ro cylinders and control manifolds to surpass original supply and supervise their installation.


Deadline Critical Engineering

With a very limited window of opportunity for the client to procure and fit replacement cylinders, Hystat were able to rise to the challenge and secured the project based on a budget and time frame that met relevant deadlines.

Hystat Quality

With a wealth of engineering experience, expertise and accreditation producing hydraulic cylinders for challenging environments, Hystat were the logical choice to design, manufacture and deliver a solution to withstand the test of time.

The cylinders were designed, engineered, assembled and rigorously tested by the highly talented and professional team at Hystat’s facility in Huddersfield. With the client at our side to witness all important stages in the manufacturing process, the cylinders have full BSEN10204 type 3.1 material certification and are protected by a 3-coat marine paint specification.

Engineering Stats

The cylinders are Ø450mm bore x Ø160mm rod x 10,800mm stroke. Boasting an overall length of 13m and weighing 11 tonnes when fully extended with 1,700 litres of oil. Each cylinder has load tested lifting lugs to aid their handling and vertical installation via a mid-trunnion and rod forked clevis with pin arrangement to fit the existing housings.

Due to the ebb and flow of the tidal estuary, each cylinder has a sophisticated control manifold assembly which provides excellent stability during operation. Meanwhile generating an impressive 360 tonnes each of hydraulic pulling power at design pressure. The manifolds are hard piped to the cylinder ports via isolation ball valves and there are various maintenance points for bleeding and lubrication.

Hystat Success

After safely delivering the new cylinders to the client, Hystat were on hand to oversee the perfectly executed 4-day removal and installation process and River Terminal 1 resumed full service without delay.

Hystat are delighted to have been an integral part of this high-profile and complex project for the Port of Hull and are proud to build upon their reputation as industry leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturers.

Cylinder stats:

Bore: Ø450mm
Rod: Ø160mm (Hard chrome plated stainless steel)
Stroke: 10,800mm
Overall Length: 12,700mm
Design Pressure: 255 bar
Test Pressure: 385 bar
Pull Force: 360 tonnes (each)
Mounting: Trunnion & Forked rod clevis
Orientation: Vertical (Rod down)
Environment: Marine / Salt laden
Dry Weight: 9.5 tonnes
Fill Weight: 11 tonnes (extended)

Material traceability:

BSEN10204 type 3.1 & impact requirements

Paint specification:

Grit blast & 3-coat marine


CE marked in accordance with Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU

Quality Assurance at Hystat