Our Products

We specialise in the design & manufacture of Heavy Duty Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders, Rotary Actuators (rack and Pinion type), Piston Accumulators and Pressure Vessels.

Hydraulic Cylinders

HYSTAT regards itself as the UK’s leading manufacturer of Hydraulic Cylinders. We design, manufacture and supply all types of hydraulic single acting, double acting, pneumatic and telescopic Cylinders.

Cylinders can be supplied with position indicating sensors, proximity switches and load holding valves depending on the individual customer’s requirements.

Standard Cylinders

The following standard cylinders are available in catalogue form.
Note: these catalogues should only be used as a guide for other applications, as these can always be modified to meet the customers requirements.

The above cylinders are Heavy Duty mill type cylinders, specified for steel works and heavy industry applications. They are a non-welded design, and are manufactured to recognized standards for interchange ability between manufacturers. The design normally incorporates adjustable double cushioning, and this factor coupled with the generous length of piston and gland bearings, does result in a cylinder capable of a long reliable service life.

Marine and Offshore Cylinders

A Heavy Duty cylinder designed for the application, normally with a welded rear cover and a front cover design to eliminate any corrosion niches. Rods would normally be stainless steel ground with hard chrome plate and completed cylinders will have a paint finish suitable for the enviroment.

Industrial Cylinders

The design would be a welded rear cover with a low cost front cover and gland. They would normally be non-cushioned with a short closed centre dimension, to provide a competitive priced cylinder.

Sub Sea Cylinders

As per the offshore cylinders, but with a double gland seal for water ingress based on the application depth. Rods would be high-grade stainless steel, either 316 or 17/4 PH. Sub sea paint finish would be required.

Special Cylinders

This is the main area of Hystat Systems expertise. All we ask is the relevant information and application, and we would submit the design and specification, which we feel is appropriate.