Our Products

We specialise in the design & manufacture of Heavy Duty Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders, Rotary Actuators (rack and Pinion type), Piston Accumulators and Pressure Vessels.

Rotary Actuators

Hystat Systems will design any size of Semi-Rotary Actuator to meet your exact requirements in terms of torque, pressure and rotation. The design is based on a machined rack and pinion configuration within a central housing, with cylinders to both sides of the housing providing the motive power. For large torques a double rack would be incorporated. For low torques the cylinders can be integral in the housing.


From 100 Nm to 600,000 Nm


Any angle of rotation can be supplied but it is not normally practical to exceed 360°.


Our normal design pressure would be 160 Barg. This provides for a good torque / size ratio, but still allows for high factors of safety on gear tooth loading. Design for higher or lower operation pressures can be supplied on request.

Drive Interface

The most standard would be a male shaft, with either a machined key way, or plain for use with a torque coupling such as a ring feeder. Hollow shafts with internal key ways are also available.

Other Features

The following can be incorporated into the design: