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We specialise in the design & manufacture of Heavy Duty Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders, Rotary Actuators (rack and Pinion type), Piston Accumulators and Pressure Vessels.


In 2010 Hystat systems Ltd purchased Titan Hydraulics Ltd, a hydraulic cylinder and systems manufacturer based In Halifax. All Titan information is retained by Hystat who will be able to supply spares, replacements or technical information for the Titan range of equipment.

Titan Products

Titan manufactures three ranges of ‘standard’ hydraulic cylinders plus a range of semi rotary actuators.

Bolted Construction Cylinders

Rated pressure - 250 bar. Tested to 375 bar. Standard bore sizes 40mm to 250mm. Medium and heavy duty versions available.

Titan Bolted Construction cylinders are designed to comply with international standards CETOP R78H and BS ISO 6020:2006.

The design is suitable for arduous industrial applications and is available in medium and heavy duty versions with single or double rods.

This type can be fitted with adjustable cushioning at either or both ends of stroke plus air bleeds if required.

A number of other options are available including linear position transducers mounted within the rod and stainless steel rods.

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Welded Construction Cylinders

Rated Pressure - 210 bar. Tested to 315 bar. Standard bore sizes 25mm to 160mm. Suitable for medium duty applications. Marine specification versions available.

Titan welded construction cylinders are a cost effective solution to many applications. With a wide variety of rigid and flexible mountings and rod end accessories they can be found on vehicles, special purpose machines, marine equipment, test equipment. The possible uses are endless.

This type of construction lends itself to surface marine and offshore usage as a result of which 'Marine Specification' is a standard option giving corrosive resistant gland materials and three coat epoxy paint finishes.

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Semi-Rotary Actuators

Standard versions up to 10,716 NM at 210 bar. Single and double racks available. Options include adjustable end stops, spring centering and position monitoring.

Titan Semi-Rotary Actuators offer a constant torque throughout their full rotation with high staring torque valves and efficiencies. Torque outputs can be easily controlled by adjustment of the input pressure.

Many options are available including positional sensing, stroke end cushioning, adjustable rotation and marine specifications and all stainless for subsea or food / process industry usage.

Double rack version give increased outputs within a given size and improved pinion bearing balance for more arduous applications. Spring return or "failsafe" configurations can be supplied.

Bespoke versions can be designed to your specific requirements

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Tie Rod Construction Cylinders

Rated pressure - 210 bar. Tested to 315 bar. Standard bore sizes 40mm to 200mm. Suitable for applications involving pulsation or shock loads.

Titan's range of Tie Rod cylinders are designed to comply with the requirements of NFPA standards making them interchangeable with most of the American standard designs. Whilst manufactured as metric cylinders, imperial bore and rod diameters can also be supplied if required.

This type of construction is particularly suitable for applications where pressure shock or pulsations are liable to occur as the construction is less rigid and less susceptible to fatigue failure.

As it is possible to fully dismantle this design, long term maintenance and the replacement of parts is simpler.

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